Category: Construction Updates

May 18, 2018

Our Directors Have Moved In!

We have officially moved into the offices inside of our community! Our directors have spent this week getting everything ready for operations and made themselves at home in their new spaces. Our team of designers has also been here getting our community ready to welcome our charter residents. The beautiful furniture and decorations adorning each […]

April 25, 2018

Furniture Has Arrived!

We're moving full steam ahead now! We've had delivery trucks at our community daily to drop off new furniture for all of our common areas. As the final touches are being made, our furniture is kept nice and safe inside sheets of plastic, but we couldn't help ourselves, we had to take some off so […]

April 12, 2018

New Technology at Vistawilla

With our National Director of Dining Services, Rob Bobbitt, in town to help our community get set up, our directors got a sneak peek at some new technology at Vistawilla. Our Key West Café and Gardens dining areas both feature induction tables to make serving food more efficient and elegant. Our directors got to see […]

March 27, 2018

Community Update

As we've watched the progression of our community from the beginning, we've seen some amazing changes. The grounds were the first to take shape and welcomed us home with lush greenery and charming gazebos. Now we get to see the inside change and we are so excited to share it! Our flooring and lights are […]

February 22, 2018

Flag Raising over Vistawilla!

The best part about creating a new community from the ground up is watching all of the unique changes every week. This week, our team of directors got in on the action and helped to put the finishing touches on our community flag pole. After the construction team installed the pole, our Program Director, Maintenance […]